Vector Calculus


This book is to help make the transition from first-year calculus to more advanced technical mathematics.

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“As the author states in the preface, one of her objectives is to ‘help students make the transition from first-year calculus to more advanced technical mathematics.’ She does this admirably. The author gives many examples that are critical for understanding. She writes with authority and knowledge, yet the style is friendly and engaging. The exposition is meticulous in its attention to detail, and is very clearly written. The homework problems (following each section and the end-of-chapter exercises) are top rate–unparalleled by any text I’ve seen.” —Mark Schwartz, Ohio Wesleyan University

“The accuracy of the Colley book is strong. I consider it to be on the same level of difficulty as the Marsden and Tromba book. The level of difficulty is appropriate for our students, and is consistent throughout. The writing style is very good in my opinion. When necessary, Colley offers detailed explanation, which I consider to be good. The text is written in a conversational style and tone, which makes easy reading for the students. I think the Colley book has very ample problems of various types and levels of difficulty—a good feature of the book. I do not have any reservations about this book.” —Richard D. Carmichael, Wake Forest University

“The Colley text came to my attention about two years ago while I was teaching vector calculus from another text. I found the Colley text to be very well written, user-friendly, and filled with a nice array of examples, which I took advantage of in my course. This feature of many carefully worked-out examples is what I like the most. Evidently, this work was produced with much thought, care, and darn-right hard labor. Various historic remarks are sprinkled throughout, as are exercises that involve the students with the use of a computer.” —Floyd L Williams, University of Massachusetts at Amherst